• Principles Of Automobile Braking

    The brake wheel cylinder is mainly consists of brake base plate, brake shoe, friction lining, expander, air chamber, dust prevention cover and spring. When it is working, the pushing rod pushes the wedge into the expander under the action of the air chamber to separate the ball. The part of the a...
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  • New Inspection Machine For Wedge Brake Expander

    How to work? The purpose of the inspection machine is to provide a wedge brake expander test bench, which is used to automatically detect the self-adjusting function of the expander. Therefore, the steps of the inspection are as follows: 1. The wedge brake expander test bench, including a frame,...
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  • Automobile Brake Equipment

    In global medium and heavy truck market, brake master cylinders are various. One is the pneumatic disc type, which is popular in Europe and strongly promoted around china. Also there is a pneumatic wedge drum type which is applied by FAW J7 in China. Besides the pneumatic camshaft drum type is mo...
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