Brake Wheel Cylinder JAF0851

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This product is mainly suitable for Nissan commercial vehicles. This product adopts the mixture structure of oil and gas, which is safe and reliable. So it can adapt to various road conditions. In addition, it is equipped with automatic adjustment function, which can effectively ensure the gap between brake drum and brake shoe. Therefore it can greatly reduce the maintenance time.

Advantages of brake cylinders

1. It can replace the original camshaft structure and reduce the weight of itself.
2. ①: Simple Structure ②: High Transmission efficiency ③: Quick Braking Response.
3. Reduce transportation cost and increase transportation income.
4. Mixed structure with oil and gas, it is very safe and reliable.

Product details

Models: Nissan

Description: GE13/FD20/REAR LH/RH

Diameter: 58.74mm

OE No: 44100-90401A-LH/44100-90400A-RH

JAF No: JAF0851#/JAF0850#

Packing details

Net weight: 5.55kg Gross weight: 5.8kg,
Packing method: one inner box for each product, 4 inner boxes for one box

Neutral packaging: each product with one plastic bag, inner box and outer carton
Outer box size: 48CM * 27cm * 20.2cm, inner box size: 25.5cm * 23.5cm * 9.2cm


1. Split ring (for shaft) 2. Butterfly gasket 3. Tower spring 4. Push rod 5. Small dust cover 6. Spring seat 7. Retaining ring (for hole) 8, Bracket 9. Roller 10. Card 11. Spring 12. Adjusting Bolt 13. Retaining ring 14.Torsion spring 15.Dust cover 16. Butterfly spring 17. Piston sleeve 18.Piston 19. Slider 20.Shell 21. Bolt

Other information

Brake wheel cylinder 2

Basic structure

1 – shoe shaft 2 – return spring 3 – Wedge expander 4 – shoe assembly 5 – brake backing plate 6 – dust cover 7 – brake air chamber
The maintenance mileage of wedge brake is recommended to be 100000 km. The main inspection is to check the lubricating oil in the brake deteriorates and its seals. If it is found to be deteriorated, it is necessary to clean all parts and relubricate them for maintenance (Note: the dust cover is strictly forbidden to contact cleaning solvent, such as diesel, kerosene, gasoline, etc.), adjust and make the interior filled with grease. If the dust cover is damaged, the dust cover needs to be replaced. The general lithium base grease (cb5671) is used as the lubricating grease. If any parts are damaged, they must be replaced.

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